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The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our expert style consultants. We will meet at your convenience, wherever you feel the most comfortable, whether it be your place of business or your home. Please allow for at least 1 hour for the initial consultation.

During this time we will learn about your preferences and tastes. We will work with you to design your custom garments. The options are only limited by your imagination. Each suit is constructed completely by hand by a master tailor, from the hand drawn patterns to hand sewn buttons; every inch of your garment is methodically pieced together. You will also have the option to be fitted for a pair of handmade shoes to accompany your suit. Not to mention, you have the option to customize your handmade accessories as well.

Lastly, we will take a comprehensive set of meticulous measurements to ensure your garment fits you to your exact specifications. Within 4-5 weeks your custom garments will be hand delivered for your final fitting, pressed and ready to wear. If you are not completely satisfied with the fit of your clothing we will work until you are satisfied. In the unlikely event minor alterations are necessary, P-Squared will cover the costs. Most of the time alterations are not required.

At P-Squared Custom Clothiers, we believe that suits should be just like the men who wear them - completely unique, not generic or mass-produced. Our custom tailored suits are expertly hand-cut to your exact dimensions, so you can look great whatever your body type.

P-Squared shirts are constructed by highly skilled tailors, utilizing single needle construction with 24-30 stitches per inch, which is at the top end of industry standards. This feature adds to the durability and longevity of the shirt.

Our suit shoulder sleeves are cut with a gentle forward curve to conform to the natural curve of your shoulders, while the sleeves echo the bend of your arm. Our master tailors hand-fit the shoulder pad to the armhole to ensure a perfect shape. Canvas Construction makes the suit soft, supple, and sculpted for a long life of supreme performance; just place the suit on a hanger and wrinkles will disappear. Take a look at the graphic below to see some of the details that go into a P-Squared Suit.

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Sourcing our fabrics from the finest mills around the world ensures we continually have the widest selection of premium fabrics. All P-Squared fabric passes a meticulous drape and feel test before being used. We use horse hair canvassing in all of our suits which causes the garment to conform to the shape of your body. The quality of the fabric and the canvassing will leave you feeling like you are wearing a second skin when you put on your P-Squared suit.

Our elegant suiting fabrics have been pre-shrunk by hand to provide unmatched softness and comfort. Once you put on a P-Squared custom suit for the first time, you notice the difference immediately. The suit lays on your shoulders perfectly while following the natural contours of your body.

Every P-Squared custom suit is hand-pressed and hand-stitched before delivery to you, ready to wear. This quality is evident in the way the suit feels on your shoulders, along your arms, and at your fingertips.

Even the cloth used in our custom accessories is burn tested for authenticity. We hand pick the finest silk, linen, wool and cotton from all over the world to ensure that our clients look and feel amazing from head to toe.


The customization options at P-Squared are unparalleled in our industry. No suit is the exact same unless specifically requested by the client. Make your suit one of a kind with monogramming, phone pockets, accent stitching & lining. Choose from multiple button, lapel and contrast fabric options. Our trousers, shirts and overcoats have just as many, if not more customization options as our suit jackets.

The customization options only begin there; we also have hundreds of fabric options from which custom pocket squares, pocket rounds, neck ties, and bow ties can be created. Our accessories have the same monogramming options as our clothing. Why wear a one-of-a-kind suit and wear a tie and pocket square that have been mass produced by the thousands. And don't forget about our handmade shoe and belt collection. At P-Squared you can have your entire ensemble customized. All of our accessories are handcrafted by our in-house team. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

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